Meet Our Team


Gwyneth Moody
Gwyneth Moody grew up paddling Georgia's rivers receiving her first kayak at the early age of six. After earning a Master’s degree in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development from University of Georgia, and traveling around the world to over 30 countries, Gwyneth found her dream job with Georgia River Network, a local nonprofit, coordinating the Hidden Gem Paddling Series and managing the Georgia Water Trails Program. Thus far she has assisted with the development of Water Trails on the: Yellow River, Broad River, North and Middle Oconee Rivers, Ochlockonee River, Oconee River, S. W. Chickamauga Creek, Alapaha River, South River, Satilla River, and is currently providing intensive technical assistance on the Flint River and Little River Water Trails. She continues to provide support to Georgia’s water trail groups around the state and serves as Co-chair of her local water trail group, Upper Oconee Water Trail. She also leads the salsa dance group ‘SALSAthens’.
Diane Windham
Diane Windham is the Co-Chair of the Upper Oconee Water Trail. She also serves as the Recreation Chair for her local watershed group, assists with monitoring activities with Oconee Waters, and serves on the Citizen’s Advisory Commission on Water Resources, an advocacy group, in Oconee County, Georgia. She has been an avid paddler, hiker, and cyclist for all her adult life. As a retired educator she conducted activities in her school to encourage youth to be good stewards of the environment, as it will be incumbent on them to solve future environmental issues. She continues to be involved in educational outreach activities to engage individuals of all ages to make a difference in their communities. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Piedmont College.
Kiley Aguar
Kiley is a graduate student in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at UGA's College of Environment + Design. His master's thesis focuses on how water trails can be a method of sustainable development, specifically the Upper Oconee Water Trail. Through this work he wants to highlight the environmental, social, and economic benefits of a regional water trail system. Kiley was born and raised in Athens, GA, and has fond memories along the North and Middle Oconee Rivers. He wants to promote the importance of providing public access along the river so that others may enjoy (and protect) these special places.
Carol Myers
Carol is a longtime Athens resident who raised two daughters here and had a long career at Athens Technical College and a member of the local Nitty Gritty Bike Band.